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Grow Your Church Deeper, Not Just Wider!

"Growing People Grow Churches"

Making Spiritual Progress Book

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We, at Church Growth.net believe that God wants your church to grow...to bring people from darkness to light! While there are many good things a church can do, and there are some things a church should do, there is only one thing a church must do-pursue Christ's great commission to go and make disciples.

If you share this conviction that the church is God's primary instrument to love and reach the world..we can help you move forward toward realizing that God-given potential.

Church Growth.net Spiritual Progress.com

How to be Spiritual

association can co-sponsor
the powerful 1-day
leadership seminar —
How to Reach Unchurched
People in Your Community
and invite your churches to attend...for FREE!

case study test to help
churches in your
denominational region start
new ministries that are
based on the existing
interests of members.  Complete training material, video, coaching, newsletters, and more.  Download the prospectus for more info.

STATE OF THE CHURCH analysis for your
congregation.  A five day
on-site assessment and prescription for your church.  Like going to the doctor's
for a physical exam, the
STATE OF THE CHURCH analysis is an excellent opportunity to "look under
the hood" and make sure
things are running smoothly. 

you learn what first impressions your church

gives to visitors.  A trained "church shopper" from CGI

will visit your church at a
time agreed upon by pastor/staff.  Then, following the service, he/she will give you an informative reflection
of what it's like being a
visitor in your church. 
A complete follow up report
is also sent

Looking for some great tips
on using your Church
website to help your Church
Grow?  Check out this site on
Internet Evangelism


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