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About Church Growth, Inc.

Church Growth, Inc. (CGI) is a 23-year old ministry organization dedicated to the research and dissemination of how local churches grow.

In the most basic understanding, churches grow in one of a combination of three methods: biological growth, transfer growth, and conversion growth. CGI believes, and operates under the assumption, that while all kinds of growth are desirable growth, the primary call of Christ to his church is the pursuit of conversion growth — the reaching out to, winning, and assimilating of previously un-reached people into the local congregation.

CGI holds to the underlying conviction that "It’s God’s will that His church grow,, and His lost children are found." CGI is dedicated to resourcing and helping local churches who share this conviction that Christ is calling them to continue his own purpose: "... to seek and to save those who are lost." (Luke 19:10)

With this singleness of priority, CGI endeavors to provide personal and practical support to church leaders in the form of Growth Products & Resources, Conferences, Workshops & Speaking Engagements, Individual Church Consulting, Articles & Newsletters, and other relevant activities. CGI has no singular denominational roots or connections. Protestant churches across the denominational and theological spectrum have used the resources of CGI, and find that the church growth principles and strategies communicated are relevant and applicable.

CGI is a ministry committed to communicating the principles and strategies of church growth, and assumes each local church and larger church body will integrate these insights into their own particular theological paradigm. CGI believes that while theological convictions are an important part of the "growth mix" of a local church, it is not the role of an outside, para-church organization to endorse or promote any one particular theological view.

CGI does, of course, subscribe to the basic tenants of the traditional Christian faith. None of the principles or strategies disseminated through CGI are in conflict or contradiction to the essential components of the Christian faith and doctrine of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life of all those who accept him as personal Lord and Savior. The only conviction that CGI requires of churches with whom it cooperates is the church’s commitment to follow Christ in his timeless "great commission" — to go and make disciples.


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