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Informed Leadership Series Part 4

Church Growth January 7, 2015

In this issue I am excited to introduce to you a predictive tool that can help you to navigate your church in a more informed way. Throughout this series we have been advocating the need for church leaders to navigate their churches with the right information. Too many pastors are steering their church ship with inadequate and often none of the right information. Good information is not only a key to success it is central to fulfilling the purposes of God for His Church.

The term metrics refers to measurements. Even the Bible used metrics when it described the health and development of the 1st Century Church. In one occasion we learn specific numbers that were added to the church. And in another instance we learn the number of individuals that were baptized. These metrics give us a clear measurement of the progress of the church at that time. There are more important metrics that the modern church needs to monitor and navigate by. We have introduced them as your Visitor Volume Rate (VVR), your Visitor Retention Rate (VRR) and your Back Door Rate (BDR).’s (patent pending) ChurchGrowth Calculator empowers you to enter these key metrics and see the future attendance of your church over the next 5 years.

I would encourage you to use the ChurchGrowth Calculator and discover the power of this tool. As you play around with different numbers you will soon discover some of the fundamental truths about the mathematics of church growth.

Let me give you a couple of upfront hints. Visitor Retention and closing the Back Door have a far greater impact on church growth then just increasing visitor volumes. This begs a question. Where should a church invest its church growth resources?

As indicated in the last issue of this series, one of the greatest challenges for churches is to get accurate data to plug into the calculator. Garbage in = garbage out. This is where good church management software can come to a church’s aid in a big way by providing accurate measurements to these key metrics. I, for one, like to understand the facts of how to get where I want when it comes to fulfilling the mission of Christ. May you get the right information and have the wisdom from God that knows how to use it to build healthy processes that fulfill God’s purposes for His Church!

Click here and start using the ChurchGrowth Calculator

Allen Ratta