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Church Growth Consulting

All churches are unique. And while church growth principles are universal, their particular application should and will vary from church to church And different churches will encounter different kinds of “growth-restricting obstacles” that keep them from reaching their greatest God-given potential.

If you are in a situation where you would like individual consultation for either a short-term or long-term relationship, Church Growth, Inc. (CGI) should be one source to investigate. There are certain areas of expertise we have developed after 25 years in the field. And there are also areas where we can recommend a specialist for you to contact.

The benefit of an individualized consulting relationship with CGI is that you have complete and individual access to the experience and expertise of a knowledgeable authority in the field. And this experience is focused entirely on your church and situation to help you grow to become all Christ created your church capable of becoming.

A variety of individualized consultation options are available. Most single church consultations are with Dr. Charles Arn, president of CGI. So you are guaranteed to get one of the most respected authorities in the field today. You may wish to call and talk with Dr. Arn about your particular situation.

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