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Church Growth Products

All the variety of books, videos, and study kits produced by Church Growth, Inc. (CGI) have one ultimate goal — to help laity and clergy in their ability to make disciples. Churches do not growth without laity who want the church to grow. Nor do they grow without pastors who know how to lead a church in growth.

Consequently, pastors will benefit from a variety of resources to learn about church growth, communicate the vision of church growth and see lay leaders catch and run with that vision.

The church growth CDs, DVDs, Videos, study curriculum, books, training material produced by Church Growth Inc. will be valuable “allies” to any pastor that wants their church to grow.

The books and resources available through Church Growth Inc. are not an exhaustive list of church growth resources within the church growth movement. It is impossible for any one organization to provide a comprehensive inventory of all the materials available. But the common denominator which you will find in the church growth resources listed in this web-site is a focus on proven principles of church growth and their application in the “real world” of the local church. Most of the books, videos, and other resources have written by Dr. Charles Arn, Dr. Win Arn, and/or other Church Growth, Inc. staff or consultants.

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