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"The Engaging Church"
How to Attract Outsiders, Connect Visitors
and Integrate New Members

The Engaging Church
How to attract outsiders, connect visitors
and integrate new members


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Revitalize your Church's connection ministry by learning:

  • How to fully engage your community, visitors and new members in ways that will generate sustained growth.

  • Why some churches are growing and others are not.

  • The five key levels of engagement and how to develop effective, targeted ministries to address each.

  • How to identify the people in your community you are most able to reach.

  • The key elements of effective community outreach and how to implement a plan for measurable results.

  • How to dramatically increase the positive impressions community members have of your church.

  • How to market your church to the right audience.

  • How to see newcomers visiting your church on a regular basis.

  • The definitive 7 Laws of Visitor Retention and how to apply them for sustained church growth.

  • The mathematics of church growth and how to invest for growth.

  • In addition...receive packets of helpful tools that will unleash your creativity and expose you to the latest cutting edge ministry tools.

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The Engaging Church
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