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Church Growth, Inc. is now presenting the one-day seminar

Welcome to the Family -

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Led by Dr. Charles Arn and Rev. Allen Ratta, this is an excellent day of learning and growing in the skills of how to integrate visitors and new members into the life and fellowship of the local church.

You will learn how to:

  • Discover how to asses the first impressions visitors have of your church
  • Identify how and when first time visitors decide to come back to your church
  • Increase the number of your first-time visitors who return
  • Explore the differences between new members and long-time members and what they mean for your church
  • Define the characteristics of an assimilated member, and how to guide your new members in this direction
  • Learn to listen for clues in your new members conversation as to whether they feel assimilated
  • Understand why most people who drop out of church do so in the first six months of their membership, and what to do about it
  • Recognize the dynamics of the drop-out track
  • Identify six steps to dramatically reduce your back door losses

The seminar is also available on DVD or CD through our Online Store.

Contact Church Growth for more information and to schedule a seminar.

Thank you for your interest in Church Growth seminars.

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