Innovative Staff Workshops

Staff Workshops Invest in the "professional and spiritual growth" of all your ministry teams.

1. The Process Improvement Workshop


Moderated and Self Service Modes

This workshop builds on the principles found in the book, The Optimized Church. Discover together the role and the power of processes to improve the effectiveness of all of your church ministries. Learn how to build, monitor and improve processes that are a key to being a healthy church. Discover the Key Performance Indicators that reveal the future growth rate of your church. See how Key Processes interrelate to supercharge your ability to attract, connect and integrate people into your church. Do practical "hands on" work developing processes for your church in a group evaluation environment. Discover practical ways that you can affect the bottom line of church growth. Pastors call this a "must attend" event for all their staff, paid and volunteer.

2. The Character Alignment Workshop


Moderated and Self Service Modes

This workshop builds on the principles found in the book, Making Spiritual Progress. Church's can be less than optimal places to work in at times. The same kinds of problems that exist in secular places of work can tragically plague the ministry environment of the local church. Issues like throwing people under the bus, selfishness, favoritism, gossip, negativity, hurt feelings, unresolved anger along with many more dysfunctional dynamics can discourage staff and volunteers. This affects their ability to perform at an optimal level. Our unique staff improvement process begins with individual online spiritual assessments. We compare the spiritual makeup of your various ministry teams that need to work cooperatively together. Then we identify potential "character traffic jams" that can hinder the ministry effectiveness of each of your teams. Finally, we make each workgroup more "group aware" as we talk through potential group specific issues and how to grow and overcome them.

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