Making Spiritual Progress

This highly acclaimed book is considered a "must read" by many leading pastors. People often think of "spiritual growth" as a matter of one's behaviors. In reality spiritual growth is a matter of the heart. In Making Spiritual Progress Allen Ratta introduces a revolutionary framework for understanding our spirituality. His acclaimed behavioral supply chain is a must read for everyone who desires to understand "Why they do what they do?" The book along with the online spiritual growth tools at provides a total system for monitoring your motivations and becoming God's best version of your self. Discover the motivational power of faith, hope and loveā€”the virtues at the core of making spiritual progress. Learn about the three evil ISM's that are the motivational source behind every human failure. Learn how to grow, improve your relationships and overcome every obstacle through the power of God's Spirit.

Video From Larry Osborne

A powerful endorsement from one of the nation's leading pastors (10,000 in weekend attendance) and widely read author.

This is a book that is long overdue!

Wayne Cordeiro

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